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United Methodist Volunteers in Mission
Indian Run UMC, Dublin, Ohio
Mellier, Haiti
December 2010

Front row: Brett Bohl, Cheryl Worley, Darlene Pape, Howard Baulch, Pastor Brian Gath.
Back row: Pastor Jim Lillibridge, Tod Powers, Larry Hutchison, Bill Davis, David Throndsen.

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See and hear what our pastor had to say about this mission:

Life Interrupted: Elizabeth from Indian Run UMC on Vimeo.

Read what our team members had to say about this mission:

David Throndsen said, “God worked through me in Haiti to show others that He cares and would send help when needed.”

Bill Davis commented, “Seeing the faith in the eyes of the Haitian people when their homes have been destroyed and God has provided them ways to keep plugging along was inspiring and strengthened my faith.”

Brett Bohl remarked, “Being in Haiti stretched my faith by requiring that I come out of my comfort zone. I also realized how materialistic we Americans are. Haitians are poor in many ways but so rich in others.”

Pastor Brian stated, “I realize now that the problems facing the nation of Haiti are both extensive and complex. I saw how God used me and my teammates to make a real difference in the lives of the people we worked with. But for me, the most exciting thing about the mission are the ideas I came away with as to how we can accomplish even more for Christ’s sake in Haiti.”

Cheryl Worley said, “I believe that God wanted me to go to Haiti not only to be used for His purpose there, but to grow my own faith…I have found from past experiences that God calls me to a place that is totally out of my comfort zone and puts me in an environment where I am removed from all distractions so that I will focus on Him…My time in Haiti was a refinement of my faith…I am very inspired by the local Haitians and their faith stories.”

Darlene Pape commented, “I know God wanted me to do this mission, no question. My faith has grown because a lot of situations have been totally out of my control and I had to rely on God for what He wanted and in His time.”

Howard Baulch remarked, “As American Airlines continued to cancel rescheduled flights, I kept asking, ‘Why? Why were we being asked to stay? Why were we still here?’ My only answer at that point was the story we can tell. Even amidst the dangers, strife and stress, we were always in God’s hands and able to do His work. The world should know that progress is being made in Haiti. While it may be slow to some nations' standards, progress is being made. The people of Haiti want our help, and they need our help. We were never in danger, because they know that we are here to help them. As long as we honor their customs and share our mutual faith in our Lord, our help will be accepted with open minds and open hearts.”

Larry Hutchison stated, “Given the level of destruction and resulting living conditions, you would expect the Haitian people to feel hopeless about their future. After our mission to Mellier, they feel anything but hopeless. We could see that in their church music, pride of dress and their eagerness to rebuild. We were welcomed with open arms and felt appreciated. And from the Haitian people I learned that in the face of adversity there’s always hope—so don’t sweat the small stuff.”

Tod Powers said, “I now feel that my purpose was not to help in building a church in Mellier, but to take back to my family, friends, and any acquaintances my experiences here in Haiti. How positive these people are, how much help they need, and how even a small act can make a big difference in their lives. God’s use of me will continue as I share my experiences with others.”

And in his sermon on Sunday, December 19th, Pastor Jim concluded this section of his sermon on "Elizabeth - Life Interrupted" with this: "All in all, as a result of our experience and interruptions in Haiti, the entire mission team is able to proclaim as did Elizabeth so long ago, `Look what the Lord has done for me!’

Our lives will never be the same!"

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